Four or so days in Mexico City

Last August, Natalie and I headed down to Mexico City for some relaxation over a weekend.

We snagged some cheap business class seats on American Airlines with a few miles I had lying around for the trip down, which only had the downside of needing to connect through Dallas.

We got a nice place on Airbnb in the Condesa neighborhood of CDMX. It was large and had a nice patio and was way more space than we would ever need and amazingly affordable. See it on Airbnb, here.

I seem to only have pictures of the patio.

After dropping off our stuff, we headed out to look for some food and drinks.

We ended up planting ourselves in place across from a park with outdoor seating called EL OCHO.

The menu I received for some reason intriguingly cautioned me about getting any drinks with alcohol.


While we had our small bite and drinks, we were greeted by a street cat that the staff at the restaurant had named Manchego.

Manchego eventually jumped into my lap, but was taken away by the staff after that. Although, they did ask if I wanted to take Manchego home with me.

We then moved on to El Tizoncito Chilula, which may or may not be the place that al pastor tacos were created.

After our tacos and beers, we headed to a bakery to pick up some cake because it happened to be my birthday as well.

The next morning, Natalie and I headed out on a walk in Condesa. The neighborhood has these nice pedestrian walkways flanked by trees in between the two lanes of traffic.

We had breakfast at the fancy breakfast place Lardo. It was pretty packed, but we got seats at the bar in front of some nice looking croissants.

Natalie appears to have had smoked salmon benedict with avocado.

And I had some sort of scrambled egg dish.

After breakfast, we headed up to the Castle in Chapultepec park.

This is me posing on the way up because Natalie wanted to take a picture with the nice trees on either side of the walkway.

And, here is Natalie taking a picture of herself at the top of the hill.

And then another picture of me in one of the castle gardens.

And then one of both of us overlooking the park with some buildings of Mexico City in the background.

The castle had some cool artwork.

And, some cool checkerboard floors.

And, a fancy dining room.

And, statues of some soldiers who would rather be dancing.

On the way out of the park, we were greeted by some more cats.

We then headed to the Anthropology museum where we learned some stuff about Mexico and its people and its culture and its bones.

For dinner that night, we had reservations that Natalie had made 7 months in advance at Pujol, a fancy tatsing menu type restaurant.

I got semi-dressed up for the occasion.

The menu came sealed in case you were worried that someone had tampered with your menu.

Because there were two of us, we got to get two of the three things in each course.

The street snacks came inside a pumpkin or other gourd.

We had the octopus.

And the sea bass.

And the softshell crab.

And the cauliflower (which was recommended to us by the waiter, but was by far our least favorite thing).

This is my “why did they tell us to get the cauliflower?” face.

For the main-ish course, we had the ox toungue…

and the papadzul (Natalie and I aren’t really sure)

Then we each had a portion of 1676 year old mole.

There was a pre-dessert served to us that was not on the menu, so I don’t remember what it is, but it looks chocolate-y.

And for dessert, we had the mango granite..

and the anise infladita.

After dinner, we headed back to the apartment and relaxed in the patio for a bit before getting engaged (we have since been married).

The next morning, we headed to the San Angel neighborhood for brunch at a restaurant with a nice, sun-drenched patio called Carlota.

We had chicken mole

and some sort of enchiladas. They were both delicious.

Natalie likes taking pictured of me in front of walls that are similar colors to my shirt.

We walked through the neighborhood and to a market area that my niece said reminded her of Coco when my sister showed her a picture.

We saw a nice happiness bear mural …

and saw what houses in the San Angel area looked like.

After taking a break, we headed to the Roma neighborhood made famous by the movie of the same name.

There, we stopped into a restaurant famous for pazole soup that was recommended by a walking tours of mexico city book I had.

For dinner, we did what everyone in Mexico City does and got some Chilean food. (I think this might have been a Sunday and not many restaurants were open, but it was good sausage sandwiches).

And, we finished off the day with some ice cream.

The next day we headed to the Frida Kahlo blue house. Again, becasue my shirt matched the walls of the house, Natalie took a picture.

We had a snafu with the tickets we purchased not working, but we eventually got in and then took a bunch of pictures.

This pic is a little creepy.

Afterwards we headed to the Coyoacan market where we picked up some tuna tostadas.

Walking around outside of the market we found some more murals showing some themes familiar to those back home.

After taking a break we headed to the historical center of Mexico City.

We headed to one of the outdoor patio restaurants in that area for some food and drinks.

We got this sauce covered pepper ..

and fancy drinks ,,,

and octopus …

… and some red mole chicken.

The food can be described by this expression.

Our last morning, we got up early so we could see the free range dogs in the park.

This little guy wanted to sit with us and just watch the other dogs play.

We then had one last breakfast at Fonda Garufa before flying back home well fed and rested.

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