I Succesfully Used Credit Card Rental Car Insurance (I also went to Denver for a couple of days)

Over Memorial Day weekend, Natalie and I headed to Denver. Partly because Natalie had been traveling there for work some and was interested in heading there for leisure. Partly because it was one of the places we could easily fly for free on Southwest.

We had a very nice time going around town, eating, and drinking.

We met up with my law school buddy Onye for lunch and a baseball game at Coors Stadium.

We also met up with this similarly, lovable big guy.

But we also rented a car so that we could drive up to the mountains.

Driving to the Summit of Mount Evans

Mount Evans claims to have the highest paved road in North America. And, it is usually only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day or thereabouts. Natalie and I lucked out as the weekend we went to Denver was the first weekend it was open for the season. So, we took advantage of our East Coast circadian rhythms and got up early and headed west from Denver to the mountains (we were lucky to have done this, because on our way back to Denver the Memorial Day mountain crowds had the highway packed all the way back to Denver).

After a 90-minute or so drive and some steep switchbacks that had us tempted to turn back, we got up to the summit and were treated to hypoxia and some nice views.

Here is Natalie checking out the views.

And, here is a picture that I took on the other side of the sign above.

And, here is a picture of me taking that picture.

While we were up on the mountain, we learned about a fierce political battle. There were apparently dangerous animals like mountain goats set to head butt you off the mountain at any moment’s notice.

The Democrats in Colorado fought hard for an all-out ban on dangerous animals. But, in the end the Republicans plan to just put up a sign like the one below won out.

But the lack of air outweighed any of the views we were getting up there, so we headed back down the mountain in our Colorado-appropriate Subaru Crosstrek.

And, that brings me to the next part of this post.

Chase Sapphire Reserve to the Rescue

When we were heading back home, we got an unpleasant surprise when we dropped the car off. The car rental attendant notified me that the front bumper had become detached.
Neither Natalie nor I had seen that the bumper was detached. But, I wasn’t too worried about it because 1) it’s normally pretty easy to just pop bumpers back into space and 2) I had rented the car with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which comes with primary car rental insurance.

Even though I wasn’t fully expecting to have an actual claim for the bumper, I filed an insurance claim through the credit card insurance, because you have to give them notice within 60 days of the incident for the claim to be covered.

A month or so down the road, I got a letter in the mail from a bill-collection agency asking for payment for the damage I had done to the rental car.

As I had expected there was no charge for the bumper (which I assume was just snapped back in no problem).

However, I was charged for “hail damage” all over the car.

I was provided with photos like this one from the hood.

And another of the top of the car with yellow circles, which I assume were supposed to be hail damage spots.

It had not hailed in Colorado in the 60 days before I returned the car. I’m pretty sure that I was being taken for a ride.

So, I let the insurance company know that. But in the end, they just paid the claim. The process was pretty easy; the billing company just e-mailed me all of the documents that the insurance needed. And, after some amount of waiting, I was informed the claim was honored. So, hooray for the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Oh yea, the priority pass membership that comes with the Sapphire also gives you $27.50 for you and a guest each at the Timberline Steak & Grill restaurant at the airport, so that’s a nice perk too.


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