Hitching a Free Ride at Peloton

A few doors down from my office on 23rd Street is the studio where Peloton films the classes that they offer to their streaming clients.

For those of you don’t know, Peloton is a company that sells stationary exercise bicycles and provides a subscription service where you can stream spinning classes.

Anyone I know with one of the bicycles seems to love the service.

Those classes are filmed in New York City. And, usually it costs $32 to drop in and take a class.

However, during the middle of the day (for now), those classes are free.

You just drop in and they give you shoes, a towel, and water and assign you to a bike. You can also use their lockers and showers.

From time to time, I’ve gone in and taken a class and the last time I took some pictures.

Peloton Wall of Instructors
Inspiring Wall of Instructors
Peloton Spinning Shoes
Free Class Comes with Free Shoe Rental
Peloton Studio
The Studio Before Class Started. Instructor Cody Rigsby getting everyone ready to go.
Sean Riding at Peloton
My friend taking a picture of me riding the bike.
Peloton Sean Mirror
Me taking a picture of myself riding the bike
Peloton Screen
Blurry Picture of Metrics
Peloton Cody Rigsby
The Studio While Class is in Session.
Peloton Final Score
I apparently finished 5th in whatever their scoring system is.
Peloton Yoga
Do some Yoga After Class


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