Discounted Running Shoes and Clothing

The next time you’re in the market for running shoes or clothing, check out Running Warehouse.

It’s a great place to find good deals on old models of shoes.

Shoe companies, for whatever reason, tinker with shoes every year so that they can market them as updated and improved. Rarely is the “Fast Shoe 7” any better than the “Fast Shoe 6.” And, in many cases if you liked the “Fast Shoe 6,” whatever changes they made to the “Fast Shoe 7” make it less desirable.

Once “Fast Shoe 7” comes out, “Fast Shoe 6” goes on deep discount at places like Running Warehouse. Here is a link to the clearance shoes for men at Running Warehouse. And, here’s one for women. I get no commission if you use any of those. If google happened to coincidentally put an advertisement around here for Running Warehouse and you clicked on that, I might get a nickel!

Best of all, there are discount codes that allow you to get even more of a discount on clearance items at Running Warehouse. For example, if you enter “fb15d” at checkout, you will get an additional 15%! (this only works for items already on clearance).

I recently got a pair each of New Balance’s Fresh Foam Zante 3 and Nike’s Zoom Streak LT 3 for about $90 combined. The Zante 4 and Streak LT 4 have current msrp of $99.99 and $90 respectively.

Oh yeah, you also get free two-day shipping and returns.

The one snag is sometimes there are limited color or size choices.

Running Warehouse also has clearance clothing and accessories as well. But these days I’ve been pretty happy buying a lot of that stuff at Old Navy.



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