Sign PDFs from the comfort of your IPhone

Some days you need to sign a document, but can’t get to a printer and scanner. Or would rather not hunt for one.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to sign pdfs from your IPhone via the Mail App that comes loaded on the IPhone.

Once you know that this feature exists, the steps are pretty straightforward, but here is a step-by-step walk-through of the process.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Signing PDFs from IPhone

1. Open the Mail App

2. Open the e-mail message containing the document that must be signed

3. Open the pdf in the e-mail.

4. When the pdf is open, navigate to the page that needs a signature.

5. Tap on the pen diagram in the upper-right corner

6. Tap on the plus-sign in the lower right corner that has now appeared.

7. Tap on the signature button in the menu that opens

8.  If you haven’t created a signature yet, you will need to do that by using your finger or stylus on the screen that opens. (It is helpful to turn your screen sideways to have more room for your signature).

9. The signature should now appear on the page.

10. You will then need to resize the signature to the appropriate size and move it to the signature line .

11. If you need to add a date or other text, you can do that by again clicking on the plus sign on the lower right corner.

12. Then click on the “Text” button that appears.

13. This will create a text box that you can add the appropriate text to by tapping on the text box and then tapping on edit.

13. You then add the text you desire.

14. You will then need to resize the box to the appropriate size and can edit the size of the text by tapping on the button in the bottom center of the screen.

15. You can then choose from a limited number of fonts, adjust the font size, and mess around with the text alignment.

16. You can then move the text to the appropriate spot.

17. Once satisfied, you can tap “Done” in the upper right corner, which will bring up the option to create a new e-mail or to reply all to the original e-mail.

18. After making your choice, the signed pdf will be in an e-mail that you can send to anyone you like.

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