If you go to the movies, you should have MoviePass

Last updated on January 30th, 2018

MoviePass is an absolute must if you go to the movies even once a month.

For the low price of $9.95 a month (less than the price of a movie at many theaters), MoviePass allows a subscriber to see one movie per day at a theater.

I had never heard of MoviePass until a couple of weeks ago. Once I did, I immediately signed up using the discounted yearly membership that is offered through Costco.

Two weeks later, I received my MoviePass card and was on my way seeing movies for a giant discount.

How does MoviePass work?

The MoviePass system is comprised of two parts:

  1. An App on your smartphone
  2. A MoviePass “credit card”

After receiving your MoviePass card, you link it the app by entering the last four digits of the card in the app.

From my understanding of how MoviePass works, essentially any movie theater that accepts MasterCard should accept MoviePass.

But, you can use the MoviePass app or its website to find movie theaters that accept MoviePass as payment.

MoviePass theaters

You then head to the movie theater of your choice, because in order to be able to book the tickets you need to be within 100 yards of the theater.

At that point, you select the theater you are at on your app. This brings up a screen where you can select your desired movie and movie time.

Moviepass movies

After selecting the movie, you are directed to go purchase your ticket.


If you accidentally selected the wrong movie, decided that you want to see another movie, or if the movie is sold out, you are given an option to change your choice as well.

But, assuming you got your movie choice right, your MoviePass credit card is loaded with funds that you can use to purchase your ticket either from an automated kiosk or from the cashier at the box office.

I have so far used MoviePass twice. Once to see Coco (highly recommended) and once to see The Post.

I saw The Post at the Regal Cinema in Union Square where the movie would have otherwise cost over $17! Almost twice the monthly cost of a MoviePass membership.

Limitations of MoviePass

MoviePass does come with a few, fairly harmless, limitations.

  1. You can’t see 3D movies.
  2. You can only buy tickets the day of the movie. So, popular movies on opening weekend may be hard to come by with MoviePass.
  3. You have to be at the theater to buy the tickets.
  4. You can only see one movie a day.
  5. The App doesn’t know if a given movie is sold out. You have to check with the theater.

These things should not keep you from getting MoviePass.


Update 1/11/2017:

After I saw I, Tonya using MoviePass, they sent a survey for me to fill out, which provides a little guess about how they are planning to make money down the road.

The questions on the survey were:

  1. Would you have seen I, Tonya this week if you didn’t have MoviePass?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. What is your age?
  4. Would you (or have you already) recommend(ed) I, Tonya to a friend?
  5. Do you go watch I, Tonya with a friend (or friends)?
  6. Were any of the people with whom you went to go watch I, Tonya not currently MoviePass subscribers?
  7. Did you purchase concessions when you saw I, Tonya?
  8. About how much did you spend in concessions (in whole dollars)?
  9. Would you have spent more or less on concessions if you didn’t have a MoviePass?
  10. Which of the following films have you seen in the past 3 months?
  11. Please, indicate how much the following contributed to your decision to see I, Tonya? (MoviePass promotion, Trailers, TV ads, In-theater marketing, friend rec, social posts, Reviews/Press Coverage)
  12. What factors increased in your interest in seeing I, Tonya: (true story, Tonya Harding, Sports, Comedy, Press, Cast, indie films, Random)

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    • Your moviepass only can be used to buy one ticket per day. I suppose anyone could use the ticket. But, if 5 friends go to the movies, you’d need 5 moviepasses.

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