Carroll Gardens Friends: Eat your veggies (and meat!) with Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA

A very nice option for fresh organic vegetables for those in Carroll Gardens is signing up for the Lancaster CSA that gets delivered to the Area Yoga on Court Street.

During the winter, for $370, you can get 14 weeks of boxes of assorted vegetables for your cooking pleasure (~$26 a week). But you need to sign up soon!

There are also meat options and cheese options and bread options and other foodstuff options.

We did a small vegetable share last summer and enjoyed having fresh vegetables every week at a fairly reasonable price. The vegetables would last us more than a week usually, and while there are sometimes losers in the bunch (ahem, kohlrabi), most of what you get makes for fun meals.

This winter we are doing the vegetable produce share and the omnivore share, which comes with a meat, cheese, and a pantry product each week.

There are other locations in New York and down south through Pennsylvania all the way down to DC, for those of you who are not my neighbor.


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