My Mom’s Christmas Decorations

Last updated on January 3rd, 2018

My mom loves decorating her house for Christmas. Back when I was little, there would be lots of moaning and groaning from my dad (who had to go up in the attic to fetch the decorations) and my sisters and me (who didn’t want to hang tinsel everywhere). But, in the end, it was always nice to have a festive home for the holidays.

My mom has kept up the tradition of making her house festive.

Like many homes, she puts up a little Christmas Tree that she adorns with ornaments. This year it appears to be those red, green, and silver globes common among Christmas trees along with smiling snowmen.

Mom's Christmas Decorations


Outside she has another Christmas tree being closely guarded by a watchful snowman holding a bag of toys and a birdhouse on a stick.

Mom's Christmas Decorations

Mom also has covered the low wall with snow globes filled with disney characters and other animated figures collected from Christmases past.

Mom's Christmas Decorations

They may all be Mickey Mouse.

Mom's Christmas Decorations

I think she got them all from the JC Penney outlet store that used to exist at the Sawgrass Mills Mall down the street from where I grew up. That mall (originally designed in the shape of an alligator) warrants its own post if I were brave enough to head over there during the Christmas Season.

But, I believe there used to be some deal that if you got there at like 5am on a certain day they would give out globes.

At any rate, mom even set up a little nativity scene. Just in case you are a bit cynical and don’t like the more pagan symbols of Christmas.


Mom's Christmas Decorations

And, a large angel

Mom's Christmas Decorations

And, a guy I like to call Samurai Santa

Mom's Christmas Decorations


And his good friend, blurry wizard Santa.

Mom's Christmas Decorations


Heading back outside, things get slightly more freestyle. There is no Santa Clause driving a sleigh.

Instead, we have one reindeer pulling a wagon full of bears and yet, another Christmas tree.

Mom's Christmas Decorations

This may seem non-traditional to you out there. But, in the Marshall household, Christmas always comes with bears in a wagon. I think Snoopy used to be involved. I am assuming he is somewhere in the attic.

Continuing on, we find somethng that appears to be a bear that is either going to sleep or is possibly a sorcerer.

By his side are his trusty eagle and puppy in a basket.

Mom's Christmas Decorations


Continuing the basket theme, we also find a bear who appears to have won a gold medal also in a basket. He is drinking a Coca-Cola that I think came in my Christmas stocking 10 years ago. By his side is another friend in a basket. This guy appears to be a cross between a bear and a dog. And, in front of him appears another guy who seems to be a cross between a pig and a rabbit. Another Christmas miracle.

Mom's Christmas Decorations


In case you were wondering if decorating with stuffed animals is hereditary, I’m not sure the answer to that either.

Christmas Decorations
Sean’s Christmas Decorations in 2010


I had completely forgotten the Christmas Stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Mom's Christmas Decorations

That black one on the end on the right is mine.

It has been for as long as I can rememeber.

It may have belonged to my uncle?

And yes, Florida is a weird place to have a fireplace.


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  1. If you get 10k re-tweets you might earn a spot as one of the narrators during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    • Ah yes. I went back outside and looked at it and it’s clearly a moose. I should not rely on my low resolution pictures!

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