Alfajores from Havanna, ooh nna-nna

The morning after the first night that Natalie and I got to Buenos Aires on our trip to Argentina, we stumbled into a coffee shop called Havanna. According to Wikipedia “It was said that the name ‘Havanna’ was an homage to the capital city of Cuba but the reason why the name was written with a double ‘n’ is now unclear.”

We didn’t know it at the time, but it is a big chain in Argentina. And, we ended up spending a lot of time in them.

A typical breakfast in Argentina usually would involve a cafe con leche and two sugar-covered croissants that they call medialunas.

But, during the long period between lunch and dinner in Argentina where it’s hard to find food, the go-to combination of choice for us was a coffee and two alfajores.

And, on our bus ride from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata (and back), our “meal service” was a box of two alfajores.

Mar del Plata is a beach town about 5 hours south of Argentina driving. It is the birthplace of Havanna. And, the birthplace of the alfajor from what I was told, but don’t trust me on that.

What is an Alfajor?

I am not exactly sure what they are made of, but an alfajor is some form of sandwich cookie, with a sugar filling that is then dipped in a flavor. I only ever tried the chocolate and dulce de leche varieties. But, both of those are delcious.

I brought some home for my family for the holidays. They come in a box, like the one, pictured below.

Alfajores from Havanna

But for the pictures of the Alfajores, one wouldn’t be too judged for thinking the box contains some off-label Cuban cigars. They, nonetheless, contain 6 chocolate alfajores, and 6 dulce de leche alfajores.

They come in a tin-foil wrapping. Similar to what one might find a Klondike Bar wrapped.

Alfajores from Havanna

On the left is a dulce de leche alfajor and on the right is a chocolate alfajor.

About 5 minutes ago, I decided to have one for myself (thus, this post).

People are often surprised at the size of alfajores. Below is the dulce de leche I just consumed.

Alfajores from Havanna


That may not convey the size completely.

So, here is a far too close up image of me eating one.

Alfajores from Havanna


And, in case you wanted to know what the inside looks like, here you go.

Alfajores from Havanna

If you would like to try one for yourself, it appears you don’t have to make the trip to Argentina to buy them.

That appears to be approximately double the price of an alfajores box in argentina. But, I guess it’s cheaper than a plane ticket.

Although, I think they might melt on the journey.

UPDATE: A Havanna location has apparently recently opened near my hometown.


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